Michael Cheung and Kristin Cheung
Michael Cheung and Kristin Cheung (sometime in the 90s)


Oh Hi,

I’m Kristin and you’ve found my internet home.

I’m an arts administrator and fundraiser currently in Vancouver, BC. Last year I completed my Masters in Arts Admin & Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths Uni of London.¬† A few years ago I’ve co-founded “The Future is you and me”, a free community mentorship program for young women of colour in the arts. I’m passionate about the intersection of race/gender in the arts and social justice issues.

Over the past ten years, I’ve¬†worked in music, literary arts, theatre, visual arts, and now a film festival. It’s been really fun and interesting working in this field but now I’m at a point where I question a lot of what we do, why, and how best to serve our community.