Michael Cheung and Kristin Cheung
Michael Cheung and Kristin Cheung (sometime in the 90s)


Oh Hi, 👋👋👋

I’m Kristin and you’ve found my internet home. Possibly through a tweet or you just followed my email address and was curious. Well, it doesn’t matter how you’ve come here, I welcome you with open internet arms. 🙌

I’m an arts administrator and fundraiser currently in Vancouver, BC. I’ve just completed my Masters in Arts Admin & Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths
Uni of London.  A few years ago I’ve co-founded “The Future is you and me”,
a free community mentorship program for young women of colour in the arts. I’m passionate about the intersection of race/gender in the arts and social justice issues.

Over the past ten years 😳, I’ve worked in music, literary arts, theatre, visual arts, and now a film festival. It’s been really fun and interesting working in this field but now I’m at a point where I question a lot of what we do, why, and how best to serve our community.

Kristin 😘