These are just a few art projects that I’ve facilitated. They’re fun and full of goofy things. Using art as a tool to build a community of creative friends and eventually — making new best friends.


Strathcona Drawing Party (2015)
A collaboration with Contemporary Art Gallery, Cineworks, Hua Foundation and Access Gallery. ‘Strathcona Drawing Party’ was a free collaborative community art project at unique cultural spaces in the Chinatown/Strathcona. Participants were to explore spaces they would normally not discover and create and experiment at three drawing events throughout the day. Funded by the Vancouver Foundation Neighborhood Small Grants Program.


Hot Wet East Van Summer (2014)
Conceptually based off the cult movie, Hot Wet American Summer. HWEVS was a free all day party with 90s jams, goofy play reading, arts and crafts and film screening of “Wet Hot American Summer”. Held at the Toast Collective on Fraser Street and funded by the awesome Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grants Program.


24-hr Drawing Party (2013)
A project that was conceived through a meeting with artists in a Chinatown art space, 24-hr Drawing Party is a free community arts project that brings together all members of the community (artists, students, and residents) through drawing. The event was supported by the Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grants, donations from Hemlock Printers and Matchstick Coffee.

24-hr Drawing Party – Clip from Drawing Party on Vimeo.

Video Recording by Ramy Gorgis
Edited by Kristin Cheung
Music by Discount Fireworks – Four


KC POP (2011)
KC POP is based on the premise of analoging content from digital culture (i.e viral videos and internet memes) and converting it into print zines!

“Happy Inside” – Ikea Cats commercial turned into print zine from kcpop on Vimeo.

“Happy Inside” is an Ikea commercial from Sept 2010. 
100 cats were released in an Ikea store. 
Original video –

KC POP turned the Ikea cat commercial into a zine. 
This is the making of the zine.

Music credit: Broke for Free – Night Owl


DIY All ages show (2005-2009)
I produced 60+ small to mid scale concerts in Edmonton and Vancouver. The curatorial vision was to produce concerts in interesting and accessible venues (via transit, wheel chair access) for all ages , so all audiences could watch their favourite and future favourite indie rock band.

Cadence Weapon performing at the all ages venue, Shark Tank on May 22, 2005